5 Most Popular Webcam Girls Sites (Best For Cam To Cam Sex)

What is Cam To Cam Chat?

Cam to cam sex (AKA cam2cam) is a relatively recent phenomenon when compared to how long sex chat and webcam girl's sites have existed. It aims to provide the most intimate experience possible with a girl, short of actually seeing her IRL.

It’s more intimate than watching a cam girl perform in a group chat, but it’s also even more intimate than a private chat session with the girl. Anyone can start a cam to cam session on HotWebcamGirls.Org, and all you need for it is a webcam. Having or using a microphone is optional.

While the process of starting a cam to cam session varies on different sites, it usually involves first starting a private chat with the model of your choice. When you get into the private room, there is usually a button to turn on your webcam and potentially your microphone.

This way the girl will be able to see you and hear you while she performs for you. Some sites even allow you to use the webcam option while you’re in a group room if you’re a VIP member. And don’t worry, only the cam host will be able to see you in that case, nobody else.

When it comes to the cost, you can expect it to go around the same rates as private chat. However, these prices vary from website to website, so there’s no singular answer to this question. Some sites might even offer completely free cam to cam experiences, depending on the model.

Also, some sites have a VIP or premium option for monthly payments, while others allow you to buy credits and credit bundles that you can then spend on cam to cam experiences. This kind of service is usually charged per minute, so don’t let that surprise you.

5 Most Popular Adult Webcam Sex Sites (Best For Cam To Cam)

Top 5 Free and Premium Sex Cam2Cam Sites

1. Streamate - Premium Webcam Shows

Streamate used to have a lot of issues with cam to cam services because they were based on Flash. However, they have since moved away from Flash to a more modern system for this kind of service. This is also the only streaming platform where you can have a completely free cam to cam experience without any hidden payments, as long as the model allows it.

And if the model requires payment, all of the costs are in dollars, so the streams are always super transparent with their pricing options. However, this also means that there is no standardized price for cam to cam services here.

Your card just gets charged for the appropriate amount when you use the service and that’s it.
Streamate comes with quite a few features that you can use for a better experience. Some of them will let you adjust the quality of your stream so that you can actually handle a cam 2 cam sex session without any issues.

Camming with girls on this website can be a very pleasant experience, and there are quite a few of these girls to choose from. The only way to really see what you’re in for is to go to the site and explore your options.

After that, simply start a private show and turn on your cam for maximum amounts of intimacy with the camgirl. The quality of the streams is satisfactory, and if you have a good internet connection, it can even be an HD experience too.

List of models on streamate that enjoy cam2cam sex
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2. LiveJasmin - Best Looking Cam Girls

Moving away from Streamate which comes with certain free options, we come to a much more premium cam site. With LiveJasmin, you always get charged for cam to cam sessions. You also sometimes get charged more for having audio enabled as well.

And this is just if we’re talking about the web, but if we move over to mobile, then the extra charge for audio becomes mandatory. Also, just having cam to cam fun on mobile will cost you an extra credit per minute as well.

While it’s more expensive to use cam to cam on mobile with LiveJasmin, this is one of the few sites that actually has this as an option. It might cost more, but it provides an unforgettable experience and it’s not even that expensive when you think about it.

Far from it, if you use your credits in a smart way, then you can surely make them last.
Here are the rates for buying credits on LiveJasmin. You can get 28 credits for $34, 68 credits for $75, 98 credits for $107, or even 158 credits for $170.

It might seem really expensive to buy credit on this platform, but you will be able to really stretch them out if you play your cards right by going for models that have a good track record with not dropping connection and so on.

The mobile experience is very smooth, as is the desktop one. In fact, many people would rank LiveJasmin as their top choice for enjoying cam to cam sessions.

However, seeing as you get charged more for audio, and you also get charged more for just using cam to cam on mobile, it’s debatable as to whether or not this is the optimal cam to cam experience.

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3. Imlive - Interactive Sex Toys

ImLive is yet another cam to cam site that offers this kind of service through mobile. While other sites are trying to catch on, ImLive saw that there was a need for this kind of fun online, so they provided their users with it.

There are hundreds of active models on the platform at all times, so it can be a pretty good place to go to if you want to have a large pool of camgirls to choose from. In order to use the mobile cam to cam feature, you start things off by starting a private chat with a girl, and then you press the camera icon at the bottom of your screen.

You’ll be able to choose between turning on your camera and microphone, or just your microphone. Either way, the girl will hear you, and there’s no way to do it without her hearing you, which is a bit of a bummer.

On average, chatting with a girl one on one will cost you around $2.5 a minute, but you can even find cheap models which cost less than a dollar a minute. Unlike LiveJasmin, you don’t have to pay anything extra when you’re on mobile, and you can also have a great desktop experience when you use cam to cam as well.

By the way, if you want to get even more discounts on the already cheap prices for camming with girls live, you can get into their loyalty program. Also, you don’t get charged directly, and instead you buy credits which are easy to convert.

They cost one buck a pop, and you can also get up to 100 credits with just one purchase. After that kind of buy-in, you’ll be good for a very long time as you explore the girls and cam with them without worry.

Imlive host list available for web cam sex chat
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4. Chaturbate - 100% Free Sex Cam Shows

Chaturbate is famous for its freemium live cam model. Freemium means that you can enjoy a cam show for free, but some other features might cost you money. For example, cam to cam requires that you at least have come tokens.

Also, tokens are the equivalent of credits on this platform. So, if you want to use your cam with a chaturbate webcam girl, you can simply click on the cam to cam option below her stream. You can even do this while you’re in the group stream mode with other users watching the same performance you’re watching.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to start a private show with the girl in order to actually have her see you while you watch her perform. You can even get to do all of this for free, provided that you have tokens on your account, as long as the model is generous enough to not put a price on this kind of service.

More often, however, the girl will have a price for it, and it will usually cost you a one-time tip in order for you to show yourself to her. You can also mute or unmute your microphone when you’re steaming to the girl, and you’ll get an indication of when she’s actually able to see you and when she isn’t.

She has to agree to see you before you actually start the cam to cam experience, which makes sense. The one bad thing with Chaturbate is that there is no mobile option for cam to cam sex.

Also, more premium platforms have a much simpler user interface, while this one really looks a bit outdated and old compared to all the other ones you have an option of choosing.

Chaturbate tokens are pretty cheap, costing $11 for 100, $21 for 200, $45 for 500, and $80 got 1000. There’s also a monthly subscription costing $20 a month that gives you a more premium experience with additional features.

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5. StripChat - The Cheapest Private 1on1 Cam Shows

StripChat its a cheap cam sex site where you can get some cam to cam action going. This place is really focused on this aspect though, as well as private cam shows. So, when you find the girl that you have an interest in, simply click on the Start Private button and then follow the instructions.

Having a camtocam session with a girl will cost you tokens, just like a regular show would. Now, some cam girls offer private and cam to cam for the same token price per minute, which is usually around 10 on average. However, more often than not they will charge a bit more for the cheap cam to cam sex experience.

So, if you really want to get intimate with them and get the most amazing 1one1 sexcam show of your life, where the girl is also able to see you, then cam2cam is for you.One great thing about StripChat is that the video quality is usually very high, even on your end.

You can also mute and unmute yourself at any moment, and the entire process of camming with a girl is super simple. You don’t need to be a genius to figure it out. The only flaw during cam shows is when you want to tip the girl.

This might be because she offered to do something naughty for you if you give her a certain number of tokens, but the drawback is that you will get a huge pop-up that covers the entire stream.

That means that the longer you spend on the token tipping page, the more you’re missing out on the show, and since cam to cam is charged per minute, it’s not like these things don’t matter!

StripChat tokens come in bundles of 90, 200, 520, 1085, and 2255, and cost $10, $20, $50, $100, and $200 respectively.

StripChat Online Models That Allow Cam To Cam
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Which Cam to Cam Site Is the Best - The Verdict

While there are good arguments to be made for every platform, the overall winner is Streamate. This is because you can cam with a girl without nudity, for free, especially if she’s looking to seduce you into a private show, and you get the most transparent pricing since it’s all displayed directly in US dollars.

The models are great and they set their own rates, so you can score a great find if you just spend enough time looking for the perfect camgirl for your needs. At second place we would put LiveJasmin for a premium mobile cam2cam experience. If you want to use cam to cam services on mobile, then you should definitely check out LiveJasmin.

And finally, in third place we would put Chaturabte if you’re looking for a much more flexible experience when it comes to the pricing. You can find some truly amazing free shows here, and some cam girls are even okay with doing cam to cam completely free of charge.

That’s it, you’re ready to explore the world of Cam2Cam websites!